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    When lives are on the line, it's imperative for your Holmatro hydraulic rescue tools to be fully functional and ready for any situation. Get peace of mind for the future and have them serviced by us. As a certified Holmatro dealer, we have the expertise to ensure your tools operate to their highest capabilities.  Georgia Fire & Rescue Supply will annually perform the following preventive maintenance measures on one occurrence for each set of Holmatro hydraulic rescue tools. This is in accordance with Holmatro & NFPA guidelines. 

  • Replace spark plug.
  • Inspect & clean carburetor.
  • Change fuel filter.
  • Change air filter.
  • Drain fuel system, inspect for any irregularities, and replace fuel.
  • Change hydraulic fluid.
  • Change engine oil.
  • Test all system components to 10,500 psi and make necessary adjustments to factory specifications for proper flow and pressure.
  • Check complete system for leaks of any fluid.
  • Clean all tools.
  • Inspect the complete system for visible wear and damage.
  • Disassemble, inspect, & lubricate all hinge bolts.
  • Check torque on all bolts and tighten to factory specifications.
  • Disassemble, clean, and inspect each operating handle.
  • Lubricate operating handles.
  • Inspect the cutter blades. Blade edges will be dressed if needed.
  • Inspect protective boot on cutter.
  • Disassemble and inspect the hinge pins on the cutter and the spreader.
  • Remove spreader arms and clean and inspect the shims, arms, and tips.
  • Visually inspect the full length of the ram plungers
  • Remove the ram grip head, inspect and lubricate.
  • Inspect all carry handles and all led light components on equipped tools.
  • Clean and inspect all system couplings for proper function.
  • Clean and inspect hydraulic hoses for damage, cuts, abrasions, or kinks.
  • Clean and visually check the power unit for damage.
  • Check the power unit to verify the engine is running at the proper rpm.
  • Inspect the fuel lines for damage.
  • Replace missing/damaged factory installed decals.
  • Perform operational check for the whole system.
  • Check for missing dust caps. Clean all caps that are present.
  • Check and adjust power unit change over valves to Holmatro specifications.
  • Check muffler for damage and proper attachment.
  • Check cranking cord for wear and damage.
  • Check condition of pressure relief device.

    With over 30 items thoroughly inspected, it's no question your tools will receive the greatest level of maintenance possible.

DISCLAIMER: All items noted above are identified as preventive measures. Any other repairs that are required & not covered by warranty will be the responsibility of the customer for payment of services. Let it also be noted that the preventive maintenance does not cover any additional parts or repair services needed for normal wear & tear or end user damage or abuse. Also note the preventive maintenance does not cover any damage of the system caused by fuel contamination, or fuel quality or the uses of any fuels types not recommended by Honda Motor Company and/or Holmatro. In the event that damage is found or repairs are needed that are not covered under the annual preventive maintenance or warranty, the customer will be notified. The customer must give authorization before we proceed with needed repairs.



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