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Holmatro Extrication Tools

CORE Technology™ - the next major step forward.
For the past 30 years, Holmatro® Rescue Equipment has been at the forefront of many product technology improvements.  After decades of innovative firsts, Holmatro® now introduces a revolutionary new technology that is sure to be one of the most important innovations in the field of extrication, ever:




What is CORE Technology™?
CORE Technology™ is a hydraulic system that employs COaxial Rescue Equipment hose, couplers, pumps and tools.  At the CORE of this system is our revolutionary fluid path technology. This coaxial hose design consists of a high pressure CORE, surrounded and protected by the low pressure return.

What makes our coaxial hydraulic hose possible is our patented CORE Technology™ coupler. These couplers have a built-in, automatic return valve that eliminates the need for a dump valve on the pump, simply connect the hose and you're ready to go.

Why CORE Technology™?
CORE Technology™ is a revolutionary turning point in rescue tool technology.  More than just a new tool, hose or power unit, CORE Technology™ is a new hydraulic system that fundamentally changes the extrication process. When lives are at stake, it's all about speed and safety.

CORE Technology™ is significantly faster, easier and safer, allowing rescuers to focus on the rescue operation, not the rescue equipment. Once you work with CORE Technology™ and discover the unprecedented benefits, you won't want to go back to a twin line system.




Faster - CORE Technology™

CORE Technology™ system is FASTER to to deploy and use than a traditional twin line hydraulic system.

With a single hose per tool, there are fewer connections

The power unit is always on - there are no dump valves




Change tools, without returning to
the power unit, in four easy steps:
1 - disconnect
2 - hand-off the hose
3 - connect
4 - go to work


Easier - CORE Technology™

Error proof connections
Male & female connectors can not be connected incorrectly or in the wrong order. Female couplers always connect to the tool and male couplers always connect to the power unit. 
 CORE Technology™ hoses also include icons and arrows for quick and easy identification. 
Continuous swivels
360° swivels on both ends of the hose prevent twisting or kinking.
Connect and go
There is no need to unroll a CORE Technology™ hose before making your connections. No more twisted, kinked hoses.
Packing up
Rolling up a CORE Technology™ hose is simple. With acouple of overhand or underhand flicks of the wrist, the hose is coiled and ready for storage.
Reduced weight - easier to carry
CORE Technology™ hose weighs approximately 40% less than a twin line hose of equal length. The flexible design allows it to be coiled into a much tighter roll, making the hose easier to manage. 



CORE Technology - Hydraulic
CORE Technology - Hydraulic
Hand Operated Equipment
Hand Operated Equipment
Holmatro Greenline / Battery-Powered
Holmatro Greenline / Battery-Powered
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Lifting Solutions
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